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DSConnect: the Bridge to Sleep

Easily import your patients to DS3 with just a click

DSConnect is the only software that can import your dental patients into DS3. No more manually typing in patient records – just a few clicks imports the patient from your practice management software into DS3. DSConnect works with over 60 popular practice management platforms:

DSConnect works with over 60 popular practice management platforms:

  • Easy Dental
  • EasyDent
  • Exact Dental
  • First Pacific
  • Innova
  • Intellident
  • IntraVet
  • Julie
  • Mediadent
  • meerMANAGER
  • MOGO*
  • NextGen
  • OMSVision
  • OpenDental
  • Oral Surgery Exec (Oral Exec – Dental Exec – Perio Exec)
  • OrthoTrack
  • Orthoware
  • Patient Base
  • PefectByte
  • PerioVision
  • PracticeWeb
  • PracticeWorks
  • Primadent
  • Radiology Lab Management Systems (RLMS)
  • ScanDent
  • Softdent
  • The Digital Office (TDO)
  • Time
  • VersaSuite
  • Visiodent
  • Walrus
  • Windent
  • WinOMS
  • XLDent

DSConnect will save your practice hours by transferring patient records between your Dental Practice Management software and DS3, the premier Dental Sleep Practice Management software. Seamlessly import patient records, cut down on administrative time for each patient, reduce data entry errors and increase efficiency. Contact N3Sleep today to learn more.

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