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Whole team training + 9 months of coaching & personalized support!

DreamSleep is a nationwide network of dentists and physicians committed to raising awareness and fighting obstructive sleep apnea. This mission encompasses four initiatives: Raise public awareness of sleep apnea, train dentists to implement dental sleep medicine, create sleep apnea programs for industry and connect patients with providers.

N3Sleep, the consulting division of DreamSleep, provides a state-of-the art, individualized training and implementation process. Our method uses a mix of online learning & coaching combined with a suite of documents, tools and partners to get you up and running quickly. Out goal is to seamlessly integrate sleep medicine into your dental practice.

A proud partner of

American Academy of Cardiovascular Sleep Medicine
Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines

7 Ways Dentists Fail at Dental Sleep Medicine

Dentists take classes, attend seminars, webinars and online courses, but many still struggle to implement a dental sleep medicine program. At N3Sleep, we speak with dentists across the country every day and we see them failing at treating sleep apnea, usually for one of the 7 reasons listed below…

6 Places Dentists Can Find Sleep Apnea Patients

So you are ready to treat sleep but you need patients. Where can you find them? About 1 in 5 American adults qualify as having mild to moderate OSA, so the truth is they are all around, you just need to know where to look. Here are 6 places to start looking…

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