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Already Doing Dental Sleep Medicine?

N3Sleep training is for dentists at all levels of experience in dental sleep medicine. Whether you are just starting out, or you have hit some hurdles, our individualized training plans are tailored to each practice, ensuring you get exactly the help you need to get your sleep practice operating smoothly. Online, on-demand training is designed to help your team quickly learn the key information they need to be effective in sleep medicine. Online coaching helps the whole team integrate dental sleep medicine into their already busy schedules. quickly learning from and correcting mistakes.

Our training modules cover all areas of dental sleep medicine:

  • Module 1: OSA & Oral Appliance Intro
  • Module 2: 7 Fails & First 300 Patients
  • Module 3: Sleep Wellness Coordinator
  • Module 4: Program & Protocol Overview
  • Module 5: Screening
  • Module 6: Telemedicine & Testing
  • Module 7: Consult & Presentation
  • Module 8: SW Evaluation
  • Module 9: S.O.A.P Note and Documentation
  • Module 10: Bite Set & Registration
  • Module 11: PVS & Digital Impressions
  • Module 12: Insurance Authorization & Labs
  • Module 13: Appliance Delivery & Billing
  • Module 14: Follow Up #1
  • Module 15: Follow Up #2 & Future
  • Module 16: Practice, Practice & More

7 Ways Dentists Fail at Dental Sleep Medicine

You have taken classes, attended seminars, webinars and online courses, but still you struggle to implement a dental sleep medicine program at your practice. At N3Sleep, we speak with dentists across the country every day and we see them failing at treating sleep apnea, usually for one of the 7 reasons listed below…

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