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Dr. Roy Novick
Dr. Roy Novick, D.D.S.

Thanks to the introductory course from Dental Sleep Solutions, I now had a solid understanding of how to treat respiratory sleep disorders in the dental office setting. I was fascinated by the fact that this was a medical condition that a dental team had the ability to correct- it all made logical sense to me. What dentist wouldn’t want to feel like a “real doctor?” This had my attention and I wanted to learn more.

I knew that knowledge was the key to achieving my goals of excellence in consulting, training and coaching. I set out to find as much information as I possibly could, taking courses, reading articles, attending webinars and becoming a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Taking a page from the Dental Sleep Solutions course, I began to gear my education toward the four pillars of a successful sleep practice: Screening, Testing, Treating and Billing. Each of these steps are equally important and essential to the success of the subsequent step. I learned every step with great care, for if each is not performed precisely and consistently, it is a prescription for failure.

Education is critical to success in dental sleep medicine, but I realized that as a consultant, I had an ace in the hole: I practiced dentistry for thirty-five years. Instinctively, I think like a dentist. Having experienced every stage of a dental career, I am able to relate to dentists and their staffs. I understand their concerns and challenges because I have been there myself. It allows me to step back and ask myself, as a dentist, how would I like to be trained? As a consultant, this has given our team great insight, allowing us to custom tailor training for each individual dental practice.

I am extremely fortunate to be a member of a great team. My partners, Brett Brocki, Steve Rhodes, Dr. Anthony Horalek and our team of qualified consultants all bring years of experience and expertise in the dental, medical and people fields. Each of us is fully dedicated to one goal: to deliver on-site, hands-on training to dentists and their teams and treat this ever-growing epidemic. We will share some of the eye-opening results from our immersive method when this article concludes! Stay tuned!

Roy Novick is the National Clinical Trainer and Advisor for N3Sleep. After 35 years practicing dentistry, Dr. Novick helps dental practices across the country implement effective, successful dental sleep medicine programs.

Originally published in Dental Sleep Insider Magazine, September 2016


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