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November 9, 2017

DreamSleep, the premiere national network of sleep dentists and physicians, today announced an initiative to provide the transportation industry with a comprehensive solution for identifying and treating sleep disorders including Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSA).

This initiative is launched in conjunction with DreamSleep contracts with several transportation heavyweights, including one of the largest transportation companies in the US, a premier logistics company and a national trucking association. These contracts will allow DreamSleep’s network to service and treat over 1.5 million drivers, operators and safety-sensitive positions.

The DreamSleep network connects specially trained sleep dentists and physicians who work together to treat sleep disorders and related medical conditions with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or oral appliance therapy (OAT). Combining the expertise of the sleep dentist and physicians allows the network to address multiple health issues and conditions in large and diverse populations.

“By partnering with transportation organizations, DreamSleep is able to screen, test and treat a large population of individuals at risk for sleep-related breathing disorders; saving lives and helping to safeguard a vital part of our nation’s infrastructure” said Brett Brocki, CEO of DreamSleep.

“Sleep disorders like OSA affect over 40 million Americans every year; it’s a significant public health concern across the country. That’s why delivering accurate, relevant CPAP and OAT is our number one priority. People can be proactive treating these conditions ­– and the result is a healthier, more comfortable life. That’s the DreamSleep vision.”

“With these contracts and the others in our pipeline, DreamSleep is actively recruiting and training dentists and physicians across the country. We want to hear from any transportation companies and large organization who want to screen and treat their workforce for sleep disorders. Contact DreamSleep to learn more about our programs. Let’s tackle this problem together.”

For more information, visit or contact DreamSleep at 1-844-363-7533.

For press inquiries, contact Brett Brocki,

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