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DreamSleep Online

DreamSleep Comprehensive Online is a complete Dental Sleep Medicine training, coaching & implementation program delivered online. This program provides your whole team with the necessary background, communication skills & Clinical expertise to launch a successful Sleep Wellness program in your practice.

Whole Team Training

The foundation of the program is whole team learning; each member of your team will have a fundamental understanding of the scope of the problem, why screening & treatment is crucial, and most importantly, how they fit into the treatment process. Every member of your team will have access to the 16 CE DreamSleep Comprehensive online course to take at their own pace. Taught by DreamSleep Instructor and Coach, Stan Jones, CDA, DLT, this course provides core knowledge essential to practicing Sleep Wellness Dentistry. Stan brings over 19 years of hands-on experience in the implementation and practical application of Dental Sleep Medicine in the modern dental practice.

Module 1: OSA & Oral Appliance Intro
Module 2: 7 Fails & First 300 Patients
Module 3: Sleep Wellness Coordinator
Module 4: Program & Protocol Overview
Module 5: Screening
Module 6: Telemedicine & Testing
Module 7: Consult & Presentation
Module 8: SW Evaluation

Module 9: S.O.A.P Note and Documentation
Module 10: Bite Set & Registration
Module 11: PVS & Digital Impressions
Module 12: Insurance Authorization & Labs
Module 13: Appliance Delivery & Billing
Module 14: Follow Up #1
Module 15: Follow Up #2 & Future
Module 16: Practice, Practice & More

Ongoing Team Coaching

The core program includes 3 months of weekly coaching plus 6 months of bi-weekly coaching beginning after the team completes Module 5 of the Online Course. During these sessions Stan will help your team develop a customized Sleep Wellness Protocol that includes each technology, system and partner specific to your practice.

  • 3 months of weekly coaching sessions (up to 12 CE)
  • 6 months of bi-weekly coaching sessions (Up to 12 CE)
  • Customized Sleep Wellness Protocol for your practice

Stan Jones, CDA, DLT
Instructor & Coach

Stan Jones brings over 19 years of experience coaching dentists and their teams to N3Sleep. He has extensive hands-on experience in the implementation and practical application of Dental Sleep Medicine, and specifically in oral sleep appliances, in the modern dental practice. He is a certified dental assistant and lab tech. As a member of the N3Sleep Consulting Division, he looks forward to meeting your team and working together to streamline and optimize your practice.

Customized Document Pack

The DreamSleep Comprehensive Online package includes a document pack personalized for your office & team including:

  • Screening Scripts
  • Consultation Scripts
  • Sleep Screening Questionnaire
  • Billing Forms
  • BMI Chart
  • HST Rx Form
  • Tele-Medicine Forms
  • Patient Financial Agreement
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Affidavit for CPAP Intol./Non-Comply
  • Letter of Medical Necessity & OSA Rx
  • Consultation Patient Presentation
  • Snoring Appliance Consent Form
  • Consult & Evaluation (SOAP Note)
  • Mallampati Classification Form
  • Oral Appliance Selection Worksheet
  • Consult & Evaluation Checklist
  • Bite Registration Checklist
  • Lab Forms
  • Appliance Delivery Checklist
  • Proof of Delivery Forms
  • Physician Information Sheet
  • Insurance Paperwork Instructions
  • Custom Medical Billing forms
  • Custom Medical Billing Protocol
  • Custom PulseOx Instr. for Patients
  • PulseOx Checkout Forms
  • Sleep Test & PulseOx Tracking Sheet
  • Custom Comorbidities Graphics

16 CE Course + 24 CE Coaching Program = 40 CE
for you and 5 team members

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    N3Sleep is dedicated to helping dentists integrate sleep therapy into their practices. Through our educational programs, clinical training team and outbound patient awareness programs, we give dental practices the tools they need to succeed treating sleep apnea.

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