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Proven medical billing solutions for dental practices

When should you bill Out of Network? In-Network? Cross code?

Medical reimbursement for dental procedures can vary depending on how they are billed. While IN-Network can mean greater approval rates, Out-Of-Network can sometimes mean greater reimbursement and Cross-Coding can increase reimbursement for standard procedures like CT/CBCT scans, Panographs, other types of radiology and dental implants. Joining DreamSleep gives your practice 3 avenues for for medical reimbursement: IN-Network, Out-Of-Network and Cross-Coding. In-office training with ongoing coaching empowers your team to navigate the options, collect and submit the correct records for optimal reimbursement.

  • Medical Billing Services:
    • IN-Network – Guaranteed rates with most providers, best rates for patients
    • Out-Of-Network – Can be greater reimbursement for some providers/procedures
    • Cross-Coding – Optimal reimbursement for standard procedures like CBCT scans
  • In-office training – DreamSleep will guide your team through the process & provide ongoing coaching for optimal reimbursement

DreamSleep provides you with both the proven medical billing capabilities and the training to deploy for optimal reimbursement. Contact us today to schedule a short consultation to discuss how DreamSleep can help you overcome your medical billing challenges.

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