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Brett Brocki
By Brett Brocki

You are doing everything right. You are asking about sleep issues. You are screening and testing patients. You have medical billing setup. You stay up on the latest devices and technologies. You have a sleep medicine marketing program.


Is your practice where you want it to be?

You know you could do better. There are many small things we can do to increase the number of patients in the door, the number of cases we treat and the efficiency of treatment. But when you are treating patients everyday, on top of your regular busy schedule, it can be hard to see what needs to change to take it to the next level. Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to see the problem staring you in the face. An outside perspective can see past all of the details you deal with daily, and find a clear path forward.


So where do you find your team of experts?

The first place you should look is in your office. You are surrounded by people who know your practice inside and out. Your team keeps the office running, they talk to patients, they are on the ground, in the thick of it every day. The key is to ask them the right questions, so they can help you find the right answer. Increasing efficiency is about small steps in the right direction. Where are the bottlenecks in a process? What leads to delays that back up the queue? How can we shave a few minutes off of this task? They are the experts on these tasks, asking them the right questions, listening and discussing could lead you to the right answer.


The next place to look is in your peer group. Other dentists have encountered the same challenges you face. Perhaps they have a solution that would work in your practice. Again, the key is to ask questions about things you would like to improve. Have a specific goal in mind: increase screenings, streamline billing, address a patient need, etc.


Sometimes the problem needs a further step back. Maybe you need someone with knowledge and experience outside of your own. Maybe you need more involved approach, more hand-on intervention. This is where a specialized consultant can help. A good consultant brings a fresh set of eyes to the situation. They have seen how many other practices operate and can dive deep into treatments, workflow, systems to increase your efficiency and performance.


The key to improvement: mindset

Improving your practice is not one step, process or piece of technology. It’s a state of mind. Observe. Ask questions. Make incremental changes. Compare results. Repeat. Whatever challenges you face, the right mindset and a supportive network will help you achieve your goals. And if you aren’t sure what those goals are, ask someone you trust.


Brett Brocki is the founder and CEO of N3Sleep and DreamSleep

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