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DreamSleep is a nationwide network of dentists & physicians fighting sleep apnea. Our system empowers dental practices with the knowledge, resources and tools in order to provide patients with the highest standard of care for dental sleep medicine.

The system is composed of three core principles: Education, Technology and Reimbursement.


Education is the foundation of DreamSleep. The first step is an academic certificate from the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorder Disciplines (ACSDD). The certificate covers both the medical and dental science of sleep so you can begin clinical training with a solid understanding. Next, each practice gets personalized training and coaching from N3Sleep. Personalized training helps practices quickly integrate what they have learned into the daily routine. Nine months of coaching keeps everyone on track and helps avoid common pitfalls. As a result, DreamSleep practices implement dental sleep medicine faster with sustainable systems in place for continued success.


DreamSleep provides access to a suite a technology to help your practice implement dental sleep medicine:

  • Cloud-based EHR
  • Imaging solutions
  • Home Sleep Testing solutions
  • Telemedicine


The DreamSleep Provider Reimbursement Program (PRP) option with our partner is the fastest and most efficient way to manage the complex process of billing in a Dental Sleep Medicine Program.

Our approach ensures that each member of the team understands how every action they take with the patient and in the office affects reimbursement.

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