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Dental Sleep Medicine Training

N3Sleep is the premier face-to-face partner in dental sleep practice consultation. Our team has helped dentists across the country implement sleep screening, protocols and procedures to treat the epidemic of sleep apnea. The N3Sleep in-office model has several advantages over traditional dental sleep medicine training models.

Traditional Dental Sleep Medicine training programs:

  • Classroom or book learning only
  • Often training for the dentist only
  • Occurs over a long weekend, away from the office
  • Dentist must recall a dense body of knowledge from classroom setting into a busy clinical setting
  • Dentist is on their own to integrate the new protocol
  • Dentist must train their team
  • No follow up support
  • This model leads to costly and time-consuming trial and error, frustration and even abandoning dental sleep medicine entirely.

The N3Sleep in-office training program

  • Hands-on, in-office training by an experienced team of professional trainers
  • Training for the whole team
  • In depth education and certification through our partner ACSDD
  • Integrate Dental Sleep Medicine into your busy routine from day 1
  • Incorporate new knowledge into the clinical setting where it will be used
  • Clinical coaching with real patients allows the team to quickly learn from and correct mistakes
  • Shortens the learning curve
  • Follow-up coaching and phone support

Program Content

Individualized Training Plans

N3Sleep provides a state-of-the art training and implementation process tailored to the individual needs of each dental office. We encounter dental sleep teams with varying degrees of experience, so our training programs are designed specifically for the needs of each of our clients. This prescriptive approach will tailor training to meet the individual needs and circumstances of your practice.

Each training plan is tailored to focus on the most critical issues for your practice. Our pre-training process utilizes a series of questionnaires, training manuals and conference calls to understand your practice needs and create a customized training plan.

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