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DreamSleep Events Team

DreamSleep is on a Mission

We are out to change the world. We want to raise awareness of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and sleep-related breathing disorders. We want to change the way this disease is treated.

We want to help people and save lives.

The DreamSleep Events Team is the public face of this movement. Our events team is out on the front lines, raising awareness and screening people at public events, health fairs, gyms and anywhere people are. When people are at risk, we connect them with those who can help.

That’s what this is all about.

Sara White
National Spokesperson
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Mel Blount
National Spokesperson
Hall of Fame
Pittsburgh Steelers
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Earnest Byner
National Spokesperson
Cleveland Browns
Washington Redskins
Baltimore Ravens
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Wally Williams
National Spokesperson
Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens
New Orleans Saints
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Anthony Griggs
National Spokesperson
Philadelphia Eagles
Cleveland Browns
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The DreamSleep Events team is available to DreamSleep Elite providers to help raise awareness and encourage screening and testing. We can assist with setting up Dental Sleep Medicine study groups, health fairs, patient appreciation days, public awareness drives and more.
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