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Transform your dental practice with the X-Mind Prime

Better imaging = better plans = better results

CBCT is fast becoming the standard for a range of dental applications. In the last 10 years, new software allows dentists to use CBCT images for cephalometric analysis, making it the tool of choice for assessing facial growth, age, airway function and disturbances in tooth eruption. Plus it’s essential for proper implant planning.

  • More detail with the same or lower dose radiation than a standard Pan
  • Increase safety and reduce injury with better imaging
  • Reduce time needed for implants and surgery by as much as 50%
  • Increase precision with CBCT based surgical guides
  • Increase predictability with implants
  • 3D images help with case presentation and acceptance
  • Don’t refer out for 3D images, get those referrals from other practices
  • Get Medical Reimbursement for scans!

Highly detailed CBCT images are invaluable in the assessment of dental and skeletal structures, allowing dentists to localize and evaluate impacted teeth and TMJ. CBCT also plays a significant role in the planning of temporary anchorage devices, the fabrication of custom dentistry appliances, airway analysis, and digital model creation. This all leads to improved diagnosis, quicker examinations, improved patient communication and case acceptance. All of which comes with a lower dose of radiation than a standard Panorex, AND the scans can be reimbursed through medical insurance.


XMP 2D WALL 110-120V

X-MIND® Prime is a smart space-saving solution, providing high-technology capabilities and simplicity of use. This ingenious unit offers all essential diagnostic tools in a cost effective package.

X-MIND® Prime offers a full set of panoramic exams tailored to meet all your clinical applications. It provides all the panoramic exams required for general dentistry: dental panoramic, temporomandibular joints, sinuses.


+ 5 licenses for AIS 3D app

X-MIND® Prime is a complete imaging solution combining panoramic and 3D X-rays, from general examination to specific treatment planning.

X-MIND® Prime 3D offers a multitude of acquisition programs thanks to its multiple FOV (50x50mm, 85x50mm, and 85x93mm). Once you select the region of interest of the examination, the settings and dose are automatically adjusted.


Column for X-MIND® Prime for when mounting to the wall is not possible

*X-MIND® Prime is currently unavailable in Canada

Airway Analysis

Many vendors now offer dedicated 3D imaging software that allows doctors to see constrictions by segmenting the airway in just a few clicks. Improved visibility leads to improved care. Many options are available, but which will you use? What is nice to have and what is essential? We’ve done the research and can guide you to the optimal solution for your practice.

Low Dose

CBCT can deliver less radiation than traditional panoramic imaging. Selecting a field of view allows doctors to control dose exposure for younger patients or individuals that are more likely to be affected by radiation.

Medical Insurance Coverage

Reimbursement medically necessary exams and imaging is common in many dental practices. CBCT reimbursement through medical insurance often requires preauthorization. Some insurance companies require offices be accredited before they will accept a claim. Don’t be turned off by this! Submitting cases can be done in as little as five minutes.

Case Presentation and Acceptance

3D imaging in your office tells your patients your office is staying current with existing technologies. 3D imaging can help build the patient’s story of pain, improving case acceptance.

How to Select the Right CBCT

With all the options available today, there’s never been a better time to add CBCT to your practice. But how do you choose the right CBCT for your practice? What features do you need? What specs are the most important? That’s where we can help.

Schedule a consultation today and we’ll do a deep dive on your practice to determine where and when you can apply CBCT technology to get the most return on your investment. We can help you navigate the options and find the best CBCT for your practice. Best of all, we have fair & flexible financing options. And, did we mention you can save up to $27,650 under Section 179 when you buy a CBCT?

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