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Home Sleep Testing that fits your practice

DreamSleep offers HST solutions tailored to your practice needs

Home Sleep Testing is an essential part of any sleep wellness program. There are many options out there: fully inclusive service, lease or own units? What is right for your practice? Having worked with practices across the country, in every stage of their sleep wellness program, we’ve seen it all. Our coaching team works closely with your practice to understand what you need from a process and financial standpoint. Our experience and indsutry connections will guide you to the HST solution that fits your needs.

Whether you need a fully inclusive service or you would prefer to own your own HST units, DreamSleep can create a package that meets the demands of your practice and your business.

Schedule a consultation today and we’ll do a deep dive on your practice to determine where and when you can apply CBCT technology to get the most return on your investment. We can help you navigate the options and find the best CBCT for your practice. Best of all, we have fair & flexible financing options. And, did we mention you can save up to $27,650 under Section 179 when you buy a CBCT?

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